How to get your picture in the L. Warren Douglas Rogues' Gallery:

end me a picture of yourself holding one of my books--any book, any edition including the old paperback you picked up at that yard sale, and I'll email you an ebook copy of that book in open .epub format (readable on any device--Nook, Kindle, smartphone, iPad or desktop computer.)  These ebooks are completely open; you can copy them, convert them to any other format with Calibre, give them to friends, or anything you damn well please (but please don't sell copies--that would really hurt my feelings.)   Be creative: this is supposed to be fun!  Sending me the picture constitutes your permission for me to post it here.  And for you shrinking violets who want to opt out of the gallery, I'll still send you the book, or books.  Include your name (fan or mundane) if you want it posted.

Why am I doing this? Immortality.  The more copies of my books that are out there, the longer I'll be remembered.  And maybe some of you will be inspired to buy the pricey trade paperback editions of my latest novels.

Email your pictures to me at LDOUGLAS@LUGTHART.ORG.  One picture for each L. Warren Douglas book you own.

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